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The Best Way to Build a Sustainable Online Business

There are hundreds of ways to make money online but we will only be discussing the best, tested and proven way to really make money online and keep on making money for years and years to come with very little maintenance involved. So what's the best way to make money online? The simple answer is: “Build a website."

You're probably thinking, “I've heard that all before”, or “I know someone who has a website and he's not making any money at all” or “I've tried building websites myself. There's no money to be made online!” So let's give you a little more detailed answer. The best way to make money online is to build a website carefully designed and planned to make money for you.

This is where most would-be Internet business fail. They're doomed to failure from the very beginning because they build websites with little or no planning. In reality, half the battle is won by a sound plan of action and careful research. We'll discuss about planning websites in detail later. First, lets talk about how websites make money. Understanding this is crucial for you to grasp the importance of planning and research.

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