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  • David Chiriqui Houses A Guide to Building a Tropical Home
    Building your dream tropical home in David may be easier than you thought. With the low cost of land, readily available building materials, and David's strategic location smack in the middle of Chiriqui, building a house in David would be a smart move. There are simple tips to follow and a few things to remember that will allow optimal enjoyment of your house in the tropics. . .
  • Finding Condos in David Panama for Sale
    David is the capital city of Chiriqui and the third largest city in Panama. The famous Pan-American Highway connects David to the rest of the country. The recent surge of immigrants and tourist in Chiriqui is contributing to the further increase in property prices in David. Living in a condominium has become an option for those who like the accessibility of living in the city. . .
  • Owning and Managing a Finca in Chiriqui
    However urbanized you think you are, there will always be a part of you that will urge you to go back to nature. Managing a small farm is rewarding and fulfilling. In Chiriqui, it's not difficult to own a small farm, or a finca as they call it. Land is still relatively cheap in Chiriqui compared to other locations. . .

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