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Surfing in Chiriqui

The Pacific side of Chiriqui is home to some of the most exciting destinations for surfers. Virtually unspoiled and some yet to be explored, the Chiriqui Islands in the Pacific side of Panama offers a different experience for beginning and expert surfers alike. These islands are secluded surf sites that can be accessed only by using the services of specialty tour providers in Panama. Here are some of the interesting islands that surfers would find totally awesome.

Grab your surfboard, slip into your wetsuit and get ready for some surfing action!

Coiba Island has a lot relatively unexplored areas for surfing. This rather large Island has many surf spots in the southwest side. This is a very ideal surf area for those who want a paradise-like environment. Make sure that you bring a lot of friends for maximum enjoyment. This island used to be the home of a penal colony that protected it from being colonized and inhabited by regular folks. The result is a well-preserved, amazingly beautiful island. You can watch a video featuring Coiba Island here.

If you're looking for consistently big swells and solid waves, Montuosa Island is the perfect spot. Now very many surfers know this Island. It is located near Hannibal Bank. You do need a boat to access this surf spot. Swells range from 6 feet to 25 feet. 

Isla Silva de Afuera is another interesting surf spot in Chiriqui as it has two breaks, one left and one right. The right is a big peak breaking over a shallow rock ledge at medium tide, and can throw a big tube, with steep drops and not much of a wall. The right break creates a very short ride. The other break, on the other hand, is a pretty good left that breaks over a rock reef at medium tide. The left has longer rides than the right. Do mind that it has a section in the middle that is very difficult to get around and the rocks on the inside are killer, so be careful. This spot catches almost any swell, and it is normally at least 4 ft.

Isla Silva de Adentro is another small island further inland from Isla Silva de Afuera, which has a right hand break over rock reef that can get really good if there is a good swell. It has a nice long ride with good tubes and lots of power.

Morro Negrito is located on the mainland, but to get there you must travel by land and boat. The surf can get good at Morro Negrito if there is a swell. It has about 5 breaks. The main break is located directly in front of the town of Morro Negrito, which is a left point break over rock bottom. It has another outer left point about 300 yards up the coast that also breaks over rock bottom, and has good tubes. On the other side, there is a beach break with rights and lefts. Then on the other side of the point, there is a river mouth sand bottom break that gets good lefts and rights when there is swell.

Just east of David is Playas Las Lajas that has a beach bottom break with rights and lefts but the waves are somewhat infrequent. If you have a 4x4 you can drive down the beach to the point breaks where you will find secluded waves that are unexplored and unknown. This place can be surfed at any tide.

Lar Barqueta Beach near David is also a good surf spot. It has a beach-bottom break with rights and lefts. You'll get consistent breaks but the medium and high are most recommended. Surfing contests are held in La Barqueta and you can watch a video here. 

Punta Burica is very near the Costa Rican border. It has four left points that along the points for long, tubing rides. Swells are all caught and surfers say it has better waves than Pavones in Costa Rica. The best part is it still is uncrowded. Don't forget to bring enough supplies and a tent as you won't find any accommodation nearby.


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