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Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most crucial part of building a successful website that would earn money regularly and consistently. You have to know what people are searching for so you can align the contents that you serve. This is very important and worth repeating. Say it with me. Keyword research is the most crucial part of building a successful website. Pause for a bit and let that knowledge sink in.

The question now is how do you know what people are looking for? Happily there are many ways to do this. The most affordable way is use Google tools like the traffic estimator which can be found here:

This tool was designed to help Adwords advertisers find the keyword they can target. (To put it simply, Adwords is just Adsense but on the advertiser side.) You can use it too to find keywords that are highly searched. You simply put in a keyword or a phrase that you are interested in and the keyword tool will return the number of times that particular keyword was searched in a month. Not only that, it will also give you suggestions about related keywords and the search volumes of those related keywords. This tool is very useful and it's free but it has it's limits.

You see, while the search volume for any keyword is important, it is also important to know how much competition there is. You want to know how many websites there are competing for the exact same keywords. You can do this manually by doing a Google search. Type in the keyword in the Google search box and in a fraction of a second, you'll find out how many other websites contain the keywords you are searching. This technique is free and accurate but it can get tedious specially if you're researching hundreds or maybe thousands of keywords.

The most popular paid alternatives are Wordtracker and Nichebot. These services offer access to their database of keywords that include all the important information you will need like search volume, competition, and all the bells and whistles. The downside is you'll have to pay monthly fees to get access. But the amount you invest could be worth it if you identify highly profitable keywords with little competition.

Lastly, you can use Site Build It. This is a complete website building solution that will help you all the way from generating ideas, to researching the keywords, creating content, acquiring the perfect domain name, driving traffic to your site and of course, making money. This is truly the easiest way a beginner can learn the complex art of making money online. For more information about Site Build It, click here.

Once you have identified profitable keywords – those with high search volume and low competition – the next step would be to create the content. The next section will discuss content creation in detail.

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