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How to Live on a Panamanian Island

In the lowlands of the province of Chiriqui lies the Gulf of Chiriqui – also known as “The Lost Coast of the Republic of Panama”. In this region, you'll find dozens of small islands sprinkled in the Pacific.

It won't be hard to find a property for sale in one of these islands.

Living on an island presents many avenues for self-discovery and a chance to discover your inner self. In an island, away from all the distractions of modern living, you might be surprised to discover some hidden talents you didn't know you had.

There are many activities to engage in the Chiriqui Gulf. The Barqueta Beach National Wildlife Reserve and the virtually untouched Coiba Islands. The gulf boasts some of the finest sports fishing grounds, scuba diving sites, exotic birds and fish, and white sand beaches.

The idyllic lifestyle is indeed something to look forward to. However, when the novelty wears out and you get used to the place, you need to engage in activities to keep you busy. The solution: start a hobby! Here are some tips so you won't ever get bored in paradise.

  • Learn to play a musical instrument – remember how they always say that listening to classical music makes you smarter? Well music can make you smarter. Learning to play a musical instrument is more engaging for your brain that just listening. Your vocal chords are can also be considered a musical instrument so go ahead an polish that American Idol piece you've been wanting to learn.
  • Read, read, read – living in a secluded island in the Chiriqui Gulf is the perfect opportunity to catch up on your reading. The island is a relaxing place to live in but that doesn't mean you have to keep your mind idle.

  • Learn to swim – living on an island allows you easy access to the sea. The perfect place to learn swimming (if you haven't done so yet). Aside from being a good exercise, swimming forces you to breathe rhythmically . Rhythmic breathing is associated with meditation which is relaxing both for the body and the mind.

  • Make new friends – one of the reasons you probably want to live in an island is because you want to be alone. Nothing wrong with that. We all need our personal space sometimes. But soon you'll realize that no one is an island after all, even if you live in one. Your neighbors might need your help or you might need their help so know thy neighbor.

  • Start a small business – the Chiriqui Gulf is one of the beautiful places that tourists visit. Discover your entrepreneurial side by opening a small business. Opening a small business that caters to tourists and locals alike will keep you occupied and you'll have a source of income too. You can also start an online business.

Even if you live on an island in Chiriqui Gulf, there are many activities you can engage in to keep your mind and body fit.

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