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How Websites Make Money

Not everyone knows how websites make money. If you have a solid understanding of how websites get paid, then you can skip this section and move on to the next part. Let's get going!

People surf the Internet to find information. Lets say a surfer is looking for a cure for acne. Incidentally your website has that particular information. If the search engines   think your website contains the most relevant information, then you can expect your page to get to the first page of the search engine results. The surfer will then click to your website where he'll find, hopefully, the information he needs.

There are thousands of people searching for acne cure most of whom are willing to buy products that they think would help them solve their problem. A company can partner with your website so you display their ads and you get an agreed upon fee depending on your arrangement. You, the webmaster, can make money just by displaying the acne cure companies ads that links back to their own website. This is measured in CPM or cost per thousand impressions. Or you can agree to be paid for every lead or every sale. This is called affiliate marketing. The most popular affiliate networks are Clickbank, Commision Junction, Share-a-sale and there are hundreds of interesting and powerful smaller affiliate networks that you can join once you have a properly built website up.

Google's Adsense is one of the most popular online ad networks today. You are probably familiar with Adsense ads. Whenever a visitor clicks on any one of those links, the website owner makes money.

The beauty of this set-up is that you can make money with very minimal risk. You can build your own website and make money online with very little capital. A few hundred dollars is often enough to launch an online business. Compared to the monumental task and expense of building a brick and mortar business this is a gift from Heaven!

You can guess that on both these types of income generation, you will need to get a lot of visitors or traffic to your website first before you can make fairly decent money. This brings us back to the importance of careful planning and research before you build a single page.

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