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Find Panama Exotic Birds in Chiriqui Province

You may be no ornithologist or a bird scientist but birdwatching is an activity that everyone can enjoy. The sheer variety of birds (almost 10,000 species worldwide) makes identifying them a worthwhile hobby. Also, bird watching can take you to different places if you're serious about it. Panama is one of the best destinations for bird watching.

Panama has over 960 bird species, 9 of which are endemic. Two of these endemic birds and a number of 'near endemics' as birders call them can be found in Chiriqui province. Panama has a unique mix of South American and Central American bird species. This is because Panama connects the two regions and acts as a border of sorts.

Tips for Beginning Birdwatchers

There are really just a few things to bring when going birdwatching. Most often a binocular, your curiosity and a little patience is all that is required. The following tips will will help you enjoy your birdwatching in Chiriqui more.

  • Dress for the occasion – be sure to wear comfortable outfit that matches the environment you intend to explore for birdwatching. Prepare for the cool climate in the highlands and be sure to be protected from the heat when visiting coastal locations.

  • Don't forget your binoculars – this seems obvious but you will be surprised how many beginning birdwatchers don't bring a binocular. A good binocular doesn't have to be expensive.

  • Be patient – sometimes staying in one location is better than moving around. If the location is known for the species your aiming to tick, the possibility of seeing that bird is very high.

  • Leave nothing, take nothing – be sure to not to leave trash in the spot. Take the experience with you but don't take the birds home!

  • Keep a list – Keeping a list of all the birds you have seen is like a way of keeping score. It's more than simply listing though. Put in some drawings and descriptions. Make sure you use a durable notebook with sturdy covers. You will find it enjoyable to look back at your notes further in your birdwatching journey.

  • Become a twitcher – a twitcher is an advanced birdwatcher who finds excitement in ticking a species he or she has never seen before. Engage in birdwatching long enough and you won't be a stranger to this sensation.

Birdwatching Destinations in Chiriqui

There are a number of wildlife parks and reserves in Chiriqui where you can enjoy the pleasures of birdwatching.

  • La Amistad International Park – located between Panama and Costa Rica, the La Amistad International Park is nice place for birdwatching. You are most likely to see the Resplendent Quetzal among other interesting bird species.

  • Boquete Cloud Forest – aside from the wonderful diversity of birds to see, this location is also very near accommodations. A half-day tour would be enough to whet your appetite. You'll be back in your hotel in Boquete before lunch time.

  • Caldera – at 300 feet, Caldera is another accessible location for birdwatching. Half-day tours are available and you should be back to your hotel in Boquete before noon.

  • The Senendro Los Quetzales – this trail would require a full day hike. Exercise plus birdwatching equals a healthy combination.

  • La Fortuna – somewhere in the middle of the Continental Divide and Fortuna Reservoir is the perfect site for birdwatching. Numerous rare species are sighted here frequently.

  • La Barqueta Beach Wildlife Refuge – there are marine birds and swamp birds and other marine species to see in La Barqueta. There are a lot of other activities available here like whale-watching and rafting.

  • Chiriqui Gulf National Marine Park – birdwatching and island hopping fun!

Now you are equipped to explore the pleasures of birdwatching in Chiriqui. Go tick that bird twitcher!

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