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Chiriqui Events 

Flower and Coffee Fair

January 10 – 20, Boquete


Every year, thousands of people flock to the Flower and Coffee Fair held in the highlands of Boquete in Chiriqui. The event happens every January and lasts for 10 days. In this fair, the “Land of Eternal Spring” showcases the produce of this blessed town. Feast your eyes with the colorful flowers ranging from orchids to dahlias and many others. Indulge yourself with the rousing aroma of high quality and world famous Boquete Coffee. Enjoy the food and mingle with the beautiful people.


La Candelaria Fair 

January 25 – February 3, Bugaba

This event mainly promotes the produce of Bugaba. In this 10 day fair, you can treat yourself to the sound of Chiriqui music. Shop around for handicrafts produce by skilled local craftsmen. If you plan to start a cattle farm, this is an event that you mustn't miss as the best cattle in the region are showcased during this fair. Try the local food. Meet new friends.

Boquete Jazz Festival

February 15 – 17, Boquete

Who says you can't find quality cultural events in Chiriqui. Have a taste of world class jazz music right in Boquete. The best part is that admission is free. Just bring your own chair. Read more here.

David International Fair

March 6 – 16, David

Chiriqui is the breadbasket of Panama and David is Chiriqui's capital. In the month of March, thousand of visitors from all over Panama and the world flock to David to participate in this event. See the diverse products from Chiriqui.

Orchids Fair 

March 19 to 23, Boquete

Tropical weather is perfect for growing orchids. And this fair is devoted to showcasing the most beautiful, you guessed it right, orchids available in Boquete. You can purchase orchids and other lovely flowers at unbelievably affordable prices.

Highlands Fair

December 12 – 14, Volcan

If you missed the other fairs above, don't lose heart. There's still the Highlands Fair held every December in Volcan – a town near Panama's highest peak, Volcan Baru. Appreciate the beauty of nature and all its tropical glory in this 3-day affair.



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