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David: Chiriqui's Capital City

San Jose de David, or simply David is the capital city of Chiriqui. It is a convenient stop over if you're going to the paradise town of Boquete or Cerro Punta as it's located in the center of Chiriqui province.

It connects to the rest of the country through the famous Pan-American Highway by land and accessible by air through Enrique Malek International Airport. David is about one hour travel by plane from Panama city and 6-7 hours drive by land. To the west, it's only a short distance from the Costa Rican border.

Being in the center of Chiriqui, David is strategically located and serves as a gateway to Chiriqui's numerous protected areas and national parks.

Panama's third largest city is also its food basket as David is the center for agriculture and cattle raising. But there's more to David than just food production.

Real state is experiencing a boom in David. There are many hotels and lodges in the city and there are now two international hostels where you can stay. More are being build as Chiriqui is gaining international recognition. The provincial government of Chiriqui is also supporting the building of more infrastructure.

Chiriqui is a wonderful place to experience the outdoors and connect with nature. But if you just can't live without the city life, David has surely something to offer. Enjoy gastronomic delights, music and entertainment, and shopping. There's even a casino in David.

Opening a business in David would be a good idea if you have the entrepreneurial flair. Tourist arrivals are increasing at a steady rate. Demand for goods and services will undoubtedly increase. It would be to your advantage if you position your business in this early stage of development.


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