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Chiriqui Coffee, The Best in the World

In Chiriqui, coffee has become an important crop. The bulk of Panama's agricultural produce, including coffee, comes from Chiriqui. And although coffee production in Panama may not be as large in quantity compared to other coffee producing countries like Costa Rica or Brazil, Panama makes up with the quality. Coffee aficionados around the world are thankful Chiriqui emphasizes quality over quantity when it comes to coffee.

The $130 Per Pound Coffee

One of the most highly-priced and highly-prized in the world, the La Esmeralda Geisha gained center stage in the gourmet coffee world after it won the in the 2004 annual coffee competition. Just recently, Hacienda La Esmeralda, the coffee farm where the geisha craze all started, won the Lifetime Achievement Award from the SCAE in Copenhagen.

And get this, in 2007 the highest bid for a pound of green La Esmeralda Geisha on an online auction reached $130. The Geisha is available in high-end coffee shops in the US.

The Hacienda La Esmeralda can be found in highlands of Boquete in Chiriqui Province. This particular location contributes to the unique taste of the Geisha described as “explosively floral on the palate” by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. The perfect match of altitude, soil, coffee variety and the careful care and processing all contribute to the geisha's world renowned taste. The La Esmeralda have reached an almost mythical level in the coffee lover's world.

Coffee Plantation Tours

In Chiriqui, you can arrange to tour some of the coffee plantations. You will be guided on every step of the coffee production from growing, picking and harvesting to processing and packaging. You will see the actual process and not just a show. But the best part is enjoying a cup of coffee at the end of the guided tour while you feast your eyes with the beautiful view of Volcan Baru.

Your Own Coffee Farm

Currently there are coffee farms for sale in Boquete, Chiriqui. Prices will vary depending on the size of the property and location. Real state in Chiriqui is still affordable and it is the perfect time to invest in it. The coming years will see a steady increase in the value of coffee farms in Chiriqui and investing in one would prove to be a wise investment. Apart from that, coffee farming can be a very fulfilling endeavor. Just ask the Peterson family – owner of the Hacienda La Esmeralda.

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