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Boquete: The Valley of Eternal Rainbow

chiriqui rainbox forest

Boquete used to be one of Panama's best kept secrets. Today, more and more people are discovering this district in Chiriqui also known as "The Valley of Eternal Rainbow". And you will see a lot of rainbows in Boquete.

Boquete is in the western part of Chiriqui Province in Panama and is quite near the Costa Rica Border.

Its elevation of over 1000 meters above sea level gives Boquete a climate cooler than the surrounding areas. This gives Boquete an ideal climate for an impressive biodiversity making it a wonderful site for Eco-tourism. Bird watchers enjoy watching rare species in Boquete.

There are only two seasons in Boquete: wet and dry. The dry season is from December through March while the wet season is from April through December. Throughout the district, there are micro climates due to the unique topography of this lovely place.

Many retirees choose Boquete to settle in because of its many advantages. The mild weather is very healthy for senior citizens and young people alike. Some even claim that it alleviates asthma. There are a lot of outdoor activities to engage in to maintain your health. Fruits and vegetables are abundant and are sold at very affordable prices making a healthy diet a very attractive option.

Modern conveniences are available in Boquete. It's not too different from a North American town. Still, the cost of living is just a fraction of what you'll have to spend if you live in the US or in Canada. Real estate is very affordable too. Household help is inexpensive if you require assistance with the daily chores.

There are so many activities to enjoy in this paradise town. Restaurants offer an array of dishes to suit the taste of international residents. Spas and resorts are everywhere. Coffee plantations offer tours at affordable prices. National parks are close by and Volcan Baru, Panama's highest mountain is accessible via Boquete.

Boquete is only a 45-minute drive from David -- Chiriqui's capital and Panama's third largest city. 

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